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Unique Crochet Apparel

Handcrafted With Care




Love an item but want it in a colour and size of your choice?  Leave us a note to schedule a call with the designer.

Dr. Annapurna

I loved the cute and bright-colored blue handwoven foot warmers! They are comfortable and look cool 😎 I bought some items from Bale n Blocker - as gifts for my friends- a stunning pouch in cream and pink colour and pink coasters - loved them all!!

Gowri Simha

The winter hat and crochet backpack I got for the girls are just gorgeous! Not just the design but the execution is also perfect..thank you so much! Thanks from K and G too!

Nicola Rossi

Absolutely loved the summer halter top I bought from Bale n Blocker! I received it on time ,the fit was customised and absolutely perfect! Looking forward to buying some more stunning pieces from you!

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